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Havana Twists

Do you like the chunky look? We have Havana Twist experts at Divine Braids. If you are looking for Havana Twists in the Dallas Fort Worth area, give Divine Braids a call. Our experts have been doing Havana Twists for a long time and they can do a wonderful job on your style.

Browse our wide range of styles online on in our style books at the salon. Choose from the different shades of brown and black and other colors too. Choose short, medium or waist length. Whatever makes you happy!

Call Divine Braids today or walk in to discuss your ideas with our friendly hair stylists. You will love our hair stylists and you will love the styles that they come up with.

To keep the Havana twists looking neat, wear a bonnet or wrap or tie them with a satin scarf at bedtime. Wear the hairstyle for between six and ten weeks with a touch up and normal shampoo routine.

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