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Comb Twists

Do you have short or medium length hair and you are at a loss as to what to do with it? Come to Divine Braids for a comb twist also known as comb coils, baby locks, starter locks, finger coils, or single strand twists. It’s a low maintenance hair style that will last you for a few weeks while you decide what to do next with your hair.

Our hair stylists are very adept at creating comb twists, making sure that your hair is not caught in the comb. You can trust our highly experienced stylists with your hair.

For those who want to know, comb twists are created by twisting a single section of hair from root to tip using a rat tail comb. We catch the hair at the root in the teeth of a rat tail comb and twirl until the hair is twisted to the end. Another method involves using the end of a rat tail comb to form the twists.

You will love your neat and beautiful comb twists. Call Divine Braids today for an appointment!

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